An experience to be shared

Our second note was a natural sequel to the first. But we decided to change the subject. A comment from a company executive with a payroll of just over $ 1,500,000 per year completely "sawed me in two" and I must share this meeting with you. This officer's name is confidential for obvious reasons!

"Pierre, Jean, Jacques" manages with a strong hand a company that belongs to him. He complains that its system costs at CNESST are beginning to weigh heavily on his annual review and financial statement! He finds that his human resources department has difficulty managing workplace injuries that occur in his business.

The commentary of this leader challenges us to the utmost. here it is: "We don't need to change the way we do things at this time, so we don't need to spend time and money to create unnecessary intervention protocols. What we are looking for is to "control our direct costs" in terms of workplace accidents without spending more ".

This is the crux of the problem for many companies with a comparable payroll. For them, managing the problem of work-related injuries on a daily basis is not one of their priorities. But when the consequences of a "disorderly" management affect the monthly invoice (payable premium), they put the blame on the others and especially the CNESST!

Next week we will return to the subject and we will explain what CASST is doing under these circumstances to alleviate the system costs of this type of business.

Une expérience à partager

Notre deuxième billet se voulait une suite naturelle au premier. Mais je dois modifier le sujet. Un commentaire d'un dirigeant d'une entreprise avec une masse salariale d"un peu plus de $ 1 500 000 par année m'a complètement "scié en deux" et je me dois de partager cette rencontre avec vous. L'identification de ce dirigeant est confidentielle pour des raisons évidentes!

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Avis à nos lecteurs

Débutant au début du mois de février 2017, Consultants Associés offrira à tous ceux qui veulent échanger sur des questions juridiques, administratives et médicales en rapport avec des sujets en lien avec le droit du travail, le droit de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, ce blog sera une  […]

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Our new blog...

Beginning in February 2017, Consulting Associates will offer a platform to those who are looking to exchange ideas on legal, administrative and medical issues related to subjects concerning labor law, health and safety law. This blog will be a multidisciplinary platform at your service. The blog  […]

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