C.A.S.S.T. Inc. agrees to:

-Maintain the highest standard of excellence and professionalism in the services offered to our clients / partners.
-Maintain the highest degree of integrity.
-Maintain the highest level of knowledge in the industry.
-Maintain a retention of the most qualified professionals in all our teams of collaborators.
-Maintain close collaboration with our customers / partners at all times.
-Continuously act in the interest of all of our clients / partners.
-Continually gain the trust of the latter.
-Respect all stakeholders in the field of occupational health and safety such as:
-The employer and his human resources staff as well as his contact person.
-The employee and / or his representative.
-The medical profession (treating and appointed doctors, specialists, and therapists).
-The C.N.E.S.S.T. and the T.A.T.