Consulting Associates WHS Inc. has specialized expertise in the administration/management of injury claims in the workplace, forensic as well as finance, cost analysis, imputation. This is what makes us strong.

Consulting Associates SST Inc. has a multidisciplinary team that can provide advice on: A.I.A.O.D., O.H.S.A., the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Act, labour standards, the duty to accommodate, different forms of workplace harassment, dismissal without just cause, labour contracts.

Consulting Associates WHS Inc. is on the lookout for the latest developments in legislation and regulatory health law, labour law and safety. Our managers have access to legal databases (S.O.Q.U.I.J.), recent court decisions on compensation and repair following a workplace injury.

Consulting Associates WHS Inc. represents clients in litigation before the Administrative Labour Tribunal (T.A.T.), other forums (Superior Court).



Throughout its mandate, Consulting Associates WHS Inc. consults and analyzes the client’s profile with the C.N.E.S.S.T. in a diligent manner. Using the electronic «Guichet» of the Commission as well as monthly reports available on paper, our manager is able to report on a file’s development as well as on the impact of an injury on the client’s performance.


Consulting Associates WHS Inc. offers, and upon request, a quarterly report on all active claims and offers a strategy to follow, a semi-annual report on the costs associated with your claims and finally an annual report on the financial impact of your experience over the past year with a projection on governance to implement for the following year.