Manage efficiently and quickly for our clients / partners each of the occupational injury and disease claims files.

Prepare and simplify return-to-work protocols (temporary assignment, gradual return and pre-injury return) quickly and safely for the employees of our clients / partners.

Expedite access to a designated physician and specialized examination (within 48 hours if possible) through our business partnerships with certain stakeholder groups.

Closely follow the worker's medical visits, the medical reports of his attending physician, and the progress of the therapeutic treatments prescribed by the latter.

Review, understand, analyze and popularize the experience records (employer profile) with the C.N.E.S.S.T.

Prepare and implement prevention programs within each of the constituents at our customers / partners.

Analyze the financial situation of our clients / partners concerning the contribution, charging, classification, status (unit mode, personalized mode, retrospective mode or mutual prevention).

Suggest alternatives as needed and forecast the future costs of their contributions if possible.

Represent our clients / partners at all stages of the C.N.E.S.S.T. and T.A.T.