Manage efficiently and quickly for our clients / partners each of the occupational injury and disease claims files.

Prepare and simplify return-to-work protocols (temporary assignment, gradual return and pre-injury return) quickly and safely for the employees of our clients / partners.

Expedite access to a designated physician and specialized examination (within 48 hours if possible) through our business partnerships with certain stakeholder groups.

Closely follow the worker's medical visits, the medical reports of his attending physician, and the progress of the therapeutic treatments prescribed by the latter.

Review, understand, analyze and popularize the experience records (employer profile) with the C.N.E.S.S.T.

Prepare and implement prevention programs within each of the constituents at our customers / partners.

Analyze the financial situation of our clients / partners concerning the contribution, charging, classification, status (unit mode, personalized mode, retrospective mode or mutual prevention).

Suggest alternatives as needed and forecast the future costs of their contributions if possible.

Represent our clients / partners at all stages of the C.N.E.S.S.T. and T.A.T.Consulting Associates SST Inc. offers its clients a complete range of "turnkey services", at a flat monthly rate (without pre-paid expenditures) regardless of the number and complexity of their claims.

We do not participate in any outsourcing services, which ensures a high degree of efficiency and an immediate response time vis-à-vis our mandates received from our clients.



Our integrated management program (I.M.P.)

Management and administration of claims for occupational injuries and / or occupational diseases.

Return to work protocols on temporary assignment.

Complaints and representation services / mandates.

Multiple financial analysis.

Analysis and preparation of prevention protocols.

Drafting of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports (on request).

Management of claims for occupational injuries and / or occupational diseases adapted to the needs of the employer.

Our multidisciplinary team works in synergy with the employer to ensure that the administrative process runs smoothly throughout the complaint file.

All C.N.E.S.S.T. are reviewed and corrected, as necessary, to ensure their accuracy.


A realistic medical diagnosis accompanied by an appropriate treatment protocol can accelerate an employee's recovery by minimizing the loss of time while reducing system costs and the employer's charge on each of the occupational injuries and / or occupational diseases. to his file.

Our multidisciplinary team supports the employee in a fast and safe return to work (R.T.W.) process. She is developing a personalized R.T.W. by adopting a pro-active approach with the employee while involving the latter's attending physician.

Depending on the employee's physical and psychological condition, we offer them an R.T.W. which respects his integrity, his physical and mental capacities and aptitudes.