Founder & President

Philosopher and Jurist, Daniel is the Founder and President of Consulting Associates WHS Inc. Having worked in the business for thirty years, especially in the field of health services and administration, he developed an in-depth expertise in forensic and financial sectors with respect to the management and administration of compensation claims in the workplace.

Antoinette GIACOBBE, B.A., M.A. Psychology
Logistical & Technical Consultant

Ms. Giacobbe works closely with our customers in the development of return to work on temporary assignment protocols; in the working methods and workstations analysis; and in the study of various problematics and solutions in the workplace. She provides therapeutic monitoring to injured workers for our customers. 

Proud of its partnership with « La Cité Médicale" - multidisciplinary clinic - serving all the administrative regions of the Province.

 Consulting Associates SST Inc. offers its clients a privileged access to a health professional within 48 hours. In collaboration with the treating physician of your employee, we will provide a support that will allow a fast and secure recovery time, a return to work within a reasonable time while respecting its physical and psychological integrity, at a competitive cost and short-term benefits for the employer.

Supportive Staff & Paralegals, our legal force at our client's service
Consulting Associates WHS Inc. is supported by a reliable staff, experienced individuals with increasing responsibilities relating to the daily claims management.